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Choose JellyFish Lighting to light Your Premises

Install Color Changing Lights

You know the hassle that comes around every year in the fall, when it’s time to put up Christmas lights? You have to figure out where they are, which ones work, untangle them, etc. There is a new option that will make your life so much easier – it’s called JellyFish Lighting.

The benefits that JellyFish lighting offer have convinced today’s homeowners to upgrade to these bright, high quality, LED lights.

At EZ Security Access, we install such color-changing LED lighting systems that are easily programmable, letting you create your own patterns and lighting designs. 


What Exactly Is Jellyfish Lighting?

With millions of colors and patterns to choose from, these are color-changing lights that are becoming the preferred option of homeowners to be installed along the roofline of homes, showing 20 different movements and effects. With the ability to turn on a certain section of lights, you can control each light individually and choose to highlight the part of your home you want to.
JellyFish Lighting solutions are used as :

  • Accent Lights
  • Game Day Lights
  • Security Lighting
  • Holiday Lighting
Photo comparing Jellyfish Lighting to other types.

Do you want to get these permanent color-changing lights installed on your home? Get started with our team.

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